Thursday, November 08, 2012

Latest & Greatest News!

WOW!  It's been awhile since I've posted.  I'm still feeling pretty good and not having too much pain yet.  Really like all my Hospice team (nurse, social worker & chaplain) and enjoy their visits.  My nurse comes every week to take my vitals and see what medications I need.  I have begun taking generic pills for Norco because I'm getting lots of pain in my stomach, abdomen & back.  The pills really help to ease that so I can continue doing activities.  I'm keeping busy, so here's my November update.  

I'm finally posting a pic of the wonderful gifts I received for my birthday on Sept 13.  I'm in 2 birthday exchange yahoo groups and they sent such nice items.  Since I'm not able to stitch (because of the neuropathy in my hands), some of the ladies sent me other items.  I received 2 books, stitched hardanger coaster, stuffed cat, cat fabric (will make a nice pillow cover), stitched card of a MS cattitude (I love her cat designs), 2 organic catnip pillows (for my cat Shadow & he loves them), set of body lotions, a kit to make a Nascar #48 car(sort of like legos) and some beautiful colors of floss.

My online friend,  Glenda came to visit from Montana.  I'm so thrilled she came.  I had her go through all my cross stitch and take everything she wanted.  You can see the pics on her blog  Glenda of all the goodies she got.  I'm so happy that I was able to give so much of my stash to someone who loves cross stitch.  Here's a pic of us outside the Olive Garden (sorry G, but just had to post this).

If you think you're seeing blue in my hair, you are correct.  I had a patch of the front of my hair dyed blue and I'm so happy with it.  Here's a close-up of the color.

I think it makes a statement - just not sure of what.  LOL  Since this pic was taken, my hair has changed color to shades of purple, lavender and pink.  It really looks cool and I'm happy with it.  When I got it dyed, my hair stylist told me that blue is funny and tends to change color. 

I attended my 1st Nascar race this past weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway with my son & daughter-in-law.  It was absolutely perfect - my 1st race & my driver won!!!  Here's Lisa and me just chillin' with Jimmie Johnson. hehe  And I think you can see some of my changed hair colors in this pic. 

We had seats near turn 2 on the backstretch and we were about 30 feet away from the track.  Here's a pic showing how close we were.

Needless to say, we had a fantastic view of all the cars. Here's Jimmie going past at 190 mph+.  Loved the breeze we felt when the cars went past.

There were only 5 rows of seats and then the section for the corporate RV's to park were behind us.  One even had 2 chefs cooking for them.  Not to be outdone, I brought all the goodies needed to make sandwiches along with some chips.  Tasted good & that's all that matters.  LOL

Have been having a blast and there's more to come.  So be sure to come back and see what's been going on.  ;-)

Thanks for visiting and love to read your comments.

Many Hugs,


Cindy's Stitching said...

I like the blue hair. Glad you spent time with your friend. Keep up your spirits.

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

I haven't read blogs in forever! I read Glenda's so of course had to come and read yours too. Sounds like you girls had a good time. (and she was spoiled! Lol) I can't believe that as big of a Nascar fan as you are this was your first race! Of course Jerry hasn't been to one yet either. :) Did you find it hard to get a good pic of the cars? I did when we went to the Indy race in Milwaukee last summer. It seemed like half of the pictures I took had the back end of the car on the right side of the pic! Lol I learned to take them before I actually saw the car in the camera. And then I used the speed setting that took a bunch in a row. That's what I love about digital, I could delete the ones I didn't like. Or I could have made a flip book. :) I'm glad you aren't having too much pain. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Btw, love the blue hair! Not sure I would be brave enough to do it but love that you are. (((hugs)))

Jo said...

Love the hair and it looks so much fun at the Nascar race. Take care of yourself x

Susan said...

Love the hair Barb and glad you're still feeling good. I was surprised to see we share a birthday! Not too many of us September 13th babies out there!

All my best for continuing to feel good. My thoughts are with you!

Pam in IL said...

Love the colored hair! Jimmie is my favorite driver too. Experiencing a race is so much fun. We've gone to Indianapolis and sat at the finish line and Jimmie's pit was directly across from us. So awesome to watch.

Sounds like you've been busy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Nicola said...

Good to read your post. Now blue hair is certainly a statement and I love it!!

You are in my prayers.

glenda said...

That darn hair changes every day! lol. So happy that you got to see JJ race..and so cool that he WON!! I knew you would post that pic...ah well..photogenic I'm not!
sending love and lots of hugs

Sandra said...

Hi Barb! Glad to hear from you. Hope the meds work for the best and you can keep doing things you like.

So nice you got the chance to meet with Glenda. The birthday package looks like lots of fun. And your hair looks so cool! 8)

Keep up the good spirits. Sending you good thoughts and prayers.

Meari said...

I don't know how I missed this post!

First Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a really nice one.

Great pic of you and Glenda. Nice hair "statement" too. :)

Congrats on getting to go to your first Nascar race and your driver winning!

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

I have given you a blog award. See my blog. :)

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