Sunday, October 07, 2012

September Activities

EDIT - I've been able to add pics to this post now!  Yippee!!!  Although it was a real pain in the a** to do it.  I had to upload pics from my computer into picasa & then download them from picasa into blogger.  Oh, the wonderful world of technology - NOT!

September was been filled with activity for me and now I've finally got a chance to update on all that's been going on.  After coming home from Cabo, my daugher & grandgirl came for a visit from Indiana.  We and my daughter-in-law went on a road trip to Corpus Christi and had a wonderful time.  I've been trying to post some pics, but blogger isn't cooperating with me.

This is a pic of my son & daughter with me.My grandgirl & me.

Left side pic is of me with my grandgirl and daughter-in-law in Corpus.
Right side pic is of Katie & me with our DQ yummies.

My daughter & grandgirl at Mustang Island.  Note the sand drawing of a peg-leg mama bird with her baby that Michelle drew.  We actually saw a bird who was peg-legged and we were amazed at how well it got around with the rest of the birds.  Would have never known it had lost it's foot if we hadn't seen it up close.

The trip was lots of fun and we enjoyed visiting Mustang Island and Padre Island for our trip to Corpus.  Beautiful weather to enjoy swimming in the Gulf.  Did some shopping - I only got a few magnets.  Would be silly to buy more souveneirs when I'm trying to get rid of lots of my stuff.  lol   Michelle & Katie stayed for a 10 day visit.  I gave her many items I knew she would like to have and shared some stories with her.  It was a nice visit and sad to see them go back home.

I attended the MD Anderson Cancer Survivors Conference in September and really enjoyed it.  My DIL & I stayed at the conference hotel for 2 nights & what a treat that was.  Lisa & I loved every part of our beds - mattress, pillows, sheets, blanket, comforter.  lol  Wish they would have given us the beds to take home with us.  ROTFLOL  I could truly spend the rest of my time laying in that bed.  Think ya'll get the idea of how heavenly the bed was.  ;-)

Was able to reunite with friends I met at the cancer weekend retreat and catch up with them.  Got lots of handouts - books, magnets, bookmarks, pins, leaflets, etc.  They had a photobooth there so we could take pictures of ourselves for free (I've posted the pic below).  I attended a session on makeup & everyone received a free copy of the book written by our group leader and some wonderful Laura Mercier eye shadow.  It was so amazing to watch her put makeup on a lady who had agreed to be her model.  The lady looked completely natural when finished and simply gorgeous.  I know I'll never be able to put on makeup like she did, but I did get some good tips to try out.  Also attended a session on journaling for healing.  Everyone received a journal and the leader gave us some prompts to write about (one was what we wanted to be when we grew up).  Had wonderful meals that were also healthy.  Go figure!  lol  Lisa said it was the healthiest good tasting breakfasts she'd ever had.

They also provided a special service that I took part in.  A videotape was made of me talking for 30 minutes.  I shared stories about things from my childhood that my children may not know about me.  I kept it upbeat and positive so it will be something my kids can enjoy watching without lots of emotional drama in it.  A CD will be made and mailed to me.  I will make a copy of it so each of my kids can have a copy.

My brother, Shawn came to visit from California for a week.  It's been 11 years since I've seen him and we had a wonderful visit.  Had lots of laughs, shared many memories and enjoyed many good meals.  Food has become my addiction lately and Shawn laughed at how much I could eat.  My favorite is from Chili's (their chocolate molten lava cake) and I eat it all by myself.  lol

Shawn & me at the Kemah TX Boardwalk

Mark, Lisa, me & Shawn at the Kemah TX Boardwalk

Now I'm getting a chance to take it easy and hopefully catch up with everything at home that I need to do.  I do have a friend coming to visit later this month, so I'm hoping to have my place less messy by the time she arrives.  Note that I said HOPING.  lol

Oh, I almost forgot to share that I was able to do a little cross stitching.  It wasn't much, but it made me feel good to hold the needle & thread again.  Here's a pic of the Tom Pudding 2002 freebie design that I worked on and it's nearly finished now.

I'm hoping that my hands cooperate again and let me stitch some more. I'm thinking positive, so we'll see what happens.

I'm sorry for not being able to post any pics, but I'll try to add them later on.  Sure hope blogger works with me on that.  Thanks for coming by.

Love & Hugs,


Nicola said...

Who needs photos. I really enjoyed reading your post.

Sandra said...

Hi Barb! I'm glad you're having a good time sharing with your family and friends.

It's good to get back to stitching, I did too and that feels wonderful :)

Hugs from Venezuela!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like wonderful times and memories. So glad you've been able to catch up with family and friends. Praying for you. Hugs.

Carolyn NC said...
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Nancy in IL said...

Barbara, it's so good to read your newsy post and hear what you've been up to. Your life has been busy and full of family and fun. Like the other gal said, "Who needs pix?" I too enjoyed reading all you've done.

It pains me to think of how I would handle what you face with my family. To keep it light and without a lot of drama, it takes a great deal of restraint and will power not to break down in the video when chatting about your childhood - things that they will cherish knowing about that part of your life. You're an inspiration, Barbara, and I regret that I'll never meet you. Please, please keep in touch and know that many are praying for you and your family. Until we hear from you again... My love,

Nancy (TSS Mod)

glenda said...

What a busy month! Don't even worry about cleaning, girl...I'll feel more at home that way, lol.

I am so excited and can't wait to see you!!!

Meari said...

What a great time you've been having. I hope you and G don't get into too much trouble (Who am I kidding? LOL) Love the family pics! Pretty little stitched piece.

79lagnaf said...

I just now found this; don't be mad at me and come haunt my fat ass; I can't run away!!!