Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New Year everyone.  

I've finally gotten around to posting.  I've begun my new chemo infusion treatments and they are sure wearing me out.  I have very little energy and tend to do lots of sleeping.  Hoping my body gets used to these treatments soon and I gain some energy back again.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my 2nd treatment so far this year.

2012 WIPocalypse Update
I haven't done too much stitching so far this year, but here's pics of my progress on my WIPocalypse projects.

Tassled Santa Ornament             Flip Flops

Crescent Moon Santa Ornament   Jacob's Ladder Quilt Blocks

Castle's in the Air

Other Happenings in my Life

I won 2 more Hob Nobbs from Ebay, however I'm not as happy with these.  They are only charts and have no buttons in them, which I didn't realize when I bid on them.  Oh well, live and learn!  The designs are Miniature Ornaments and Little Quilt Patch.  I'll have to look for appropriate buttons to use for these.

I received my Twitter win from Lowe's Racing of a Mounted Memories autographed photo of Jimmie Johnson with a piece of race-used tire.  I haven't taken a photo of it yet, but will get that done this week, so I can post it here.  It is an awesome collectible!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back.  I love to read feedback, so feel free to leave a comment for me.

Many Hugs,

2012 WIPocalypse

2012 WIPocalypse

Here's the updated list of my projects.  My previous list was somewhat misleading about what were actual WIPs and UFOs.  I've also designated the projects I have kitted up but not actually begun stitching.

1. Castles in The Air - Papillon Creations
2. Hip To Be Square - San Man Originals
3. Tassled Santa Ornament - For the Love of Cross Stitch mag.
4. Flip Flops - Bucilla
5. Tooth Fairy - Waxing Moon
6. Evil Queen Charity Square
7. Bird Charity Square  completed 2-26-11
8. Heart Charity Square
9. Cowboy Cats - Dimensions
10. Happy Home Ingredients - Dimensions
11. Celtic Knot - Ink Circles
12. Birthday Cards for group birthday clubs

1. Glad Gladiola - Rosewood Manor
2. Duck - Suzy's Zoo
3. Santa Moon Ornament - Library Book
4. Merry Christmas - Point de Croix
5. Quilt Block Ornament - Pine Glen Designs
6. 4 Pantry Charts - Brookes' Books
7. Peace Tree Ornament - M Designs

Ready To Begin:
1. The Branch - Bent Creek
2. The Purr-fect Bookmark - Dinky Dyes
3. Stitch Every Day - My Mark
4. Tree of Stitches - Abi Gurden
5. The Big Zipper - Bent Creek
6. Floral Mandala - Tam's Creations
7. How Does Your Garden Grow - Papillon Creations
8. 2008 Valentine Mystery SAL - Pamela Kellogg
9. The Red Thread - Bent Creek
10. Velveteen Rabbit - Lynne Nicoletti
11. Life's Mottos - My Mark
12. The Tree of Me - Bent Creek
13. Crabby All Year - Raise The Roof
14. Beloved Cat - Janlynn
15. Cat Tales - Just My Imagination
16. Cabin in the Woods - Bent Creek
17. Rainbow Bridge - Sue Hillis Designs
18. Candy is Dandy - Val's Stuff
19. Tatty Teddy - Anchor
20. Life's Mottos - My Mark
21. No Frogging Allowed - Stitchy Kitty
22. 2012 SAL - Oak Haven Designs
23. Green Flips - Lizzie Kate