Friday, December 23, 2011

More presents opened

Here's more pics of the Advent Exchange gifts from Glenda.  Only have 2 days left of packages to open.  Gotta admit I will miss opening a present every day.  I think this exchange really spoiled me.  LOL

On day 13, I opened a marker to use on my fabric to help count.  I'm looking forward to trying this out.  

Day 14 was some really cute kitty buttons.  Love both these gifts.

Day 15 brought some really neat socks.  Will be wearing these real soon since the weather has turned cold here.  It's only 49 degrees right now & for us Texans, that is downright frigid.  

On day 16, I opened a package of some recipe cards, a kitty magnet and two pkgs of scrapbook paper (great in my card making).  More goodies that I love.

Day 17  was a package of super sticky post-it notes (haven't tried these super sticky ones yet, so look forward to using them).

Day 18 was a bottle of Montana Wild Huckleberry lotion.  Smells good and how cool to have a little bit of Montana from Glenda.  ;-) 

Day 19 was a package of stickers for card making (love them).

On Day 20, Glenda gave me another chocolate fix with raspberry chocolate hot cocoa mix and some Mrs. Field's cookie dough delights.  Oh, yum!!!  One can NEVER have too much chocolate.  ;-)

Day 21 was some black DMC memory thread.  Love this!  It's great for cross stitching projects to add some 3D to them and also for a wide variety of craft making.

My next post will show the rest of the days (22-25).   Again, thank you so much Glenda.  You have really given me so many great presents and I love each one of them.

Now, for a health update.  Sorry to say that my remission has ended.  I had an idea this was coming because the lymph node in my neck has swollen again.  This was the one that was previously malignant.  My pet scan showed some of my lymph nodes were malignant, but thank heaven that none of my organs showed any malignancy.  Treatment has changed again from pills back to bi-weekly infusions and wearing a pump for 2 days after the infusion.

My new treatment will begin on January 2nd (one day prior to the 1 year anniversary of my first chemo treatment).  I'm thinking positive and hoping for the best.  My oncologist told me my outlook was very uplifting and he gave me a Christmas hug.  Actually, I got lots of hugs today from all the staff at MD Anderson.  They've really become almost like family to me.

Don't want to end on a down note, so I'll post a couple jokes for you.  Hope you enjoy them.  

Thanks for visiting me and please come back.

Many Hugs,


glenda said...

Oh, my friend. I am sorry to hear you are going to have to go through the treatments yet again. They worked once, there is no reason to think they will kick some butt one more time! That's going to be my line of thought.

It makes me happy that you like what I picked out for you...I'm very anxious for you to open your final present...I can't wait!! lol

much love

Carolyn NC said...

I'm sorry to hear your remission is over; I'll be keeping you in prayer. The oncology dept is like a huge extra family, isn't it? We've dealt with ours ( for various reasons) and I'm convinced there is no finer medical personnel anywhere. I'm sure you feel the same way. Hope the treatments aren't too taxing and that you can also stitch, too. Please take care.
PS - love the gifts and the jokes!