Friday, December 30, 2011

Farewell to 2011

Here's my final post for 2011.  I wanted to post pics of my final Advent Exchange gifts.

Day 22 brought this neat lip balm (how cool is that).  And on day 23, I got a package of some great stickers to use in my cardmaking (love them).

Day 24 was a current issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine (one of the great ones from the UK).  I love all their magazines.

Day 25 brought an end to the Advent Exchange with a wonderful and generous gift from Glenda.  She sent me all the charts for Bent Creek "The Branch" along with 3 pieces of Aida (in beautiful colors) and 3 pkgs of Bohn needles (my favorite). 

Thank you so very very much, Glenda!!!  You gave me a month of wonderful gifts.  I love everything!!!

Here's 2 kits I recently won on ebay (I Love Christmas and I Love Stitching).  Since Hob-Nobb has gone out of business, I'm grabbing up any I can find.  In fact, I just won 2 more on ebay today - Little Quilt Patch and Miniature Christmas Ornaments & Wreath.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I joined WIPocalypse at Measi's Musings so I can make some progress on my many UFOs & WIPs during 2012.  My list so far is:

1.  Castles in the Air - Papillon Creations
2.  Hip To Be Square - San Man Originals
3.  Tree of Stitches - Abi Gurden
4.  Evil Queen charity square project
5.  Bird charity square project
6.  Heart charity square project
7.  The Big Zipper - Bent Creek
8.  Floral Mandala - Tam's Creations
9.  How Does Your Garden Grow - Papillon Creations
10. Cowboy Cats - Dimensions
11. Happy Home Ingredients - Dimensions
12. Celtic Knot - Ink Circles
13. Tooth Fairy - Waxing Moon
14. Peace Tree Ornament - M Designs
15. Flip Flops - Bucilla
16. The Branch - Bent Creek
17. The Purr-fect Bookmark - Dinky Dyes
18. Quilt Block - Pine Glen Designs
19. Merry Christmas - Point de Croix
20. Santa Moon Ornament - Library Book
21. Duck - Suzy's Zoo
22. Green Flips - Lizzie Kate
23. Stitch Every Day - My Mark
24. Life's Mottos - My Mark
25. No Frogging Allowed - Stitchy Kitty
26. 18 Birthday Cards for group birthday clubs
27. Tassled Santa Ornament - For the Love of Cross Stitch magazine
28. Glad Gladiola - Rosewood Manor
29. 4 Pantry Charts - Brooke's Books
30. 2008 Valentine Mystery SAL - Pamela Kellogg
31. Tatty Teddy - Anchor
32. Crabby All Year - Raise The Roof
33. The Tree of Me - Bent Creek
34. Velveteen Rabbit - Lynne Nicoletti
35. Cabin in the Woods - Bent Creek
36. The Red Thread - Bent Creek
37. Candy is Dandy - Val's Stuff
38. Cat Tales - Just My Imagination
39. Purr-fect Life - Dimensions
40. Beloved Cat - Janlynn
41. Rainbow Bridge - Sue Hillis Designs

Wow, this really is a lot to tackle, but one at a time will get them done.  I'll do the best I can to finish as many as I can.  Wish me luck!  lol

Thanks for visiting and please come back.  Have a happy and SAFE New Year!

Many Hugs,

Friday, December 23, 2011

More presents opened

Here's more pics of the Advent Exchange gifts from Glenda.  Only have 2 days left of packages to open.  Gotta admit I will miss opening a present every day.  I think this exchange really spoiled me.  LOL

On day 13, I opened a marker to use on my fabric to help count.  I'm looking forward to trying this out.  

Day 14 was some really cute kitty buttons.  Love both these gifts.

Day 15 brought some really neat socks.  Will be wearing these real soon since the weather has turned cold here.  It's only 49 degrees right now & for us Texans, that is downright frigid.  

On day 16, I opened a package of some recipe cards, a kitty magnet and two pkgs of scrapbook paper (great in my card making).  More goodies that I love.

Day 17  was a package of super sticky post-it notes (haven't tried these super sticky ones yet, so look forward to using them).

Day 18 was a bottle of Montana Wild Huckleberry lotion.  Smells good and how cool to have a little bit of Montana from Glenda.  ;-) 

Day 19 was a package of stickers for card making (love them).

On Day 20, Glenda gave me another chocolate fix with raspberry chocolate hot cocoa mix and some Mrs. Field's cookie dough delights.  Oh, yum!!!  One can NEVER have too much chocolate.  ;-)

Day 21 was some black DMC memory thread.  Love this!  It's great for cross stitching projects to add some 3D to them and also for a wide variety of craft making.

My next post will show the rest of the days (22-25).   Again, thank you so much Glenda.  You have really given me so many great presents and I love each one of them.

Now, for a health update.  Sorry to say that my remission has ended.  I had an idea this was coming because the lymph node in my neck has swollen again.  This was the one that was previously malignant.  My pet scan showed some of my lymph nodes were malignant, but thank heaven that none of my organs showed any malignancy.  Treatment has changed again from pills back to bi-weekly infusions and wearing a pump for 2 days after the infusion.

My new treatment will begin on January 2nd (one day prior to the 1 year anniversary of my first chemo treatment).  I'm thinking positive and hoping for the best.  My oncologist told me my outlook was very uplifting and he gave me a Christmas hug.  Actually, I got lots of hugs today from all the staff at MD Anderson.  They've really become almost like family to me.

Don't want to end on a down note, so I'll post a couple jokes for you.  Hope you enjoy them.  

Thanks for visiting me and please come back.

Many Hugs,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Having fun opening pressies

This post is picture heavy.  Now that you've been forewarned, here are pics of the Advent Exchange gifts from Glenda that I've opened so far.  

Day 1 was some yummy french vanilla hot chocolate mix and Mrs. Fields peppermint chocolate candies.  Chocolate is a perfect way to begin the holiday season.

Day 2 was Splendor silk floss in green.  I really love this floss.

On day 3, I opened some really cute reindeer buttons.  And on day 4, I opened more cute buttons.  

Day 5 was a package of alphabet stickers.  They will come in handy in my cardmaking and stitch scrapbook.  On day 6, I received a lovely candle in peanutty chocolate scent.  It smells good enough to eat.  lol

Day 7 was a package of gorgeous craft fabric and day 8 brought more yummy chocolate (peppermint hot chocolate & Mrs. Field's raspberry chocolate cookies).  Glenda knows how much I love chocolate.  YUM!

Day 9 was a small national parks of North America 2012 calendar (glorious photos) and a wonderful photo memo box (love this).  On day 10, I opened a 2012 cat naps calendar with adorable pics of sleepy kitties.

Day 11 was Splendor silk floss in red.  Now I've got Christmas colors to stitch something holidayish.  On day 12, I opened a package of the most gorgeous pressed petals real flower stickers.  I'm really going to love using these in making cards.

Well, I'm not going to press my luck with any more photos in this post, so I'll have to do another post with days 13 - 21.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, GLENDA!!!  I'm thoroughly loving all these gifts you have chosen for me and having lots of fun opening something every day.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed seeing all the great pressies I've opened so far.

Many Hugs,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I seem to have gotten lazy about doing posts on my blog.  I think that has lots to do with the fact that I haven't done too much stitching.  I always posted more when I had pics to share of my stitching projects.  But I do have lots of pics to post now with the holiday exchanges I've been in at the Chatty Stitching Exchangers (CSE) yahoo group.  

The first pic is of all the birthday goodies I received from members of the CSE birthday floss club (my birthday was in Sept).  I just love all the floss.

The second pic is the wonderful package I received from Pirjo for my birthday, prize for winning a name that word game, and for a fall exchange.  She is such a sweetheart for sending me such a wonderful package of fantastic items.  I love them all!!!

The third pic is of an ornament stitched for me by Glenda for a stitched Christmas ornament exchange.  She knows how much I love Margaret Sherry designs, so this was the purr-fect ornament for me.

The fourth pic is of a Hob Nobb kit I just won on Ebay.


These pics are of items I sent to others.

This first one is the Halloween package of goodies I sent to my grandgirl.

The 2nd one is a pic of all the items I sent to Shelley for the fall exchange.

These are pics of the ornament I stitched for Elizabeth for the Christmas stitched ornament exchange.  As you can see, I completely ruined the heart shaped ornament while trying to do the finishing, so had to make her a new one (snowman).  I made sure to do a simple finishing on it so I wouldn't mess up again.

I'm now opening gifts every day for the CSE Advent Exchange.  Glenda had my name and she is sending me loads of wonderful gifts.  Here's pics of all the wrapped pressies prior to opening any of them.

This post is pretty photo heavy so I'll do a new post with pics of what I've opened in the Advent Exchange.  I just love this exchange that the CSE group does every year.

I have so many UFOs & WIPs, that I decided to make 2012 a year of trying to finish up as many of these as possible.  I've joined WIPocalypse.  If you're interested in joining, just click on the link and go to the site.  All the instructions are there.

I've found myself totally addicted to a new site - Pinterest.  There are so many beautiful pictures there, loads of links to craft projects, recipes, handy tips, and so much more.  Check it out!  In my attempt to spend less time on facebook, Pinterest has helped me accomplish that goal.  However, now I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on Pinterest.  LOL

As for my health, I just had a pet scan last week and will find out the results from my oncologist this coming Thursday.  I'm thinking positive and hoping for good news.

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to leave me comments.  I really do enjoy reading them and apologize to anyone I haven't sent personal replies to.

Many Hugs,