Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy March!

Wow, it's been a couple months since I posted here.  But I have been doing quite a bit of stitching during this time.  Without further ado, here's some of my recent finishes.  This first one is a Funk & Weber design I stitched on 16 ct Sterling aida from Picture This Plus.

This piece is a Dimensions Kit.  I laid the stitched piece on the finishing fabric so you can see how it will look (somewhat) when made into a small ornament.

This last one is Lizzie Kate's Cat Lessons For People stitched with on Sapphire Stitching 18 ct 60's Flashback fabric with DMC threads. I plan to frame it.

I still have a couple other finishes to post, but I need to sew on the buttons first.  Have lots of stitching time during my 4-5 hour chemo treatments and then I also stitch a lot afterward.  I'm tired much of the time, but still manage to stitch.

Now for my health update.  I've had 5 chemo treatments so far and my last CT scans showed the malignant cells have decreased in size.  The main side effects I'm having are painful swelling & peeling of my palms & bottom of my feet.  In fact, my treatment the last week of February was canceled to give my hands some healing time.  I have to use Bag Balm every night (wearing gloves & socks since it's so greasy) and Udderly Smooth during the daytime.  So far, so good!  Doctor decreased the medicine in the chemo that caused the problem and I didn't go through this from my treatment last week.

Thanks for visiting and comments you leave.  I so appreciate hearing from everyone.  And thanks for your continued prayers and good thoughts.

Many Hugs,
Barb in TX