Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!  I enjoyed watching the Nascar race last night.  With all the wrecks, it was more like watching a demolition derby race.  Just glad no one was hurt (except the cars, anyway - lol).

I did finish another charity square.  This one is a buildings theme for Q4OC.  

My children bought me a new TV and it's fantastic.  I am now the happy owner of a 32 inch flat screen Panosonic TV.  Wow, it's so huge compared to my old one and I just love watching Nascar on it.  I have the sweetest kids!

I'll be visiting my family in Indiana later this month.  I'm sure looking forward to spending time with everyone that I haven't seen for a couple years.  My grandgirl is growing up so fast & I feel like I'm missing so much of her life.  ;-(

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and I love hearing from you.  As usual, I'm behind on my blog reading (have nearly 300 in my google reader at this time).  Think I need to get busy reading!


Terry said...

Wow! Great gift from your family. I'm sure the race was a blast to watch on that (when they finally ran it lol)

Meari said...

Congrats on the new TV and your latest finish!

COUSON said...

what a lovely blog.foundest thoughts.Couson

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely finish and great gift! Yes, who could believe that 30 cars were involved in one wreck???

CJ said...

Hey Barb -

I know whatyou mean about being behind in the blog reading. Thanks again for introducing me to the Q4OC. I am really enjoying stitching up projects for them. I am working on my angel sal and butterfly. Have a great time in Indiana.


DUSTY said...

Nice TV Barb. I am sure you are enjoying it. Your charity piece looks great.

Josh Healy said...

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