Thursday, December 03, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I really need to update my blog more often. While I was browsing through my pics, I noticed some pics that I never posted here. So today is your lucky day (LOL) to see them. First, this is the giveaway I won a few months ago from Chris.
This is some of the Silkweaver's fabrics I've gotten during the past couple of months and the Santa Hob Nobb kit I won off Ebay.
These pics were certainly not some of my better ones and I need to do better in the future. However, I do have one that I just love. Let me introduce you to my cat, Shadow. He was laying on the chair (under my Ott Lite) while I took some pictures of my stitching.
I've been stitching some Christmas exchange items, so cannot show them yet. Also have been stitching a few Christmas cards. Wish I could stitch faster so I could send a stitched one to everyone, but I will have to settle on sending out just a few of these. Also am trying to finish up a few charity squares. And yes, it's COLD outside. Right now it's 54 degrees F and supposed to drop down to freezing tonight or tomorrow. Looks like I'll have to wrap my outdoor plants today. I even had to turn on the heat this morning because I was freezing in here. lol
Well, better go for now and get some bills paid so I can get back to my stitching projects. I'll soon be updating with pics of my Advent gifts. Have already opened the first 3 days, so need to get the camera out and take some pics. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the new holiday music I've added to my blog. Yall come back now, ya hear!


Tracey said...

Great stash!!! And your kitty is so beautiful.. :)

Annie said...

Very pretty cat. I guess weather is a relative thing. 54 deg F sounds pretty temperate for December from where I sit. It's a bit warmer than that here today, but we consider that very mild for this time of year. We have a chance of snow coming this Saturday. The weather can turn on a dime as you well know!

Meari said...

Do you mean you've been holding out on us?? ;-) Great stash, and congrats on your win. Kitty looks rather comfy!

glenda said...

Kaylee is now freaking out over the music from your site coming out of the laptop. She can't figure out where it's coming from :) Just wanted to let you know it is about 15 degrees right now...