Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Exchange & Stitching

I've gotten behind on posting pics of my Advent Exchange gifts, so here goes.  The 1st pic is of days 5 - 8.  Day 5 was a cute Boyd's Bear Pin and day 6 was 14ct red Aida.  On day 7, I received mitten ornaments filled with 2 tubes of lip moisteners and a purrfect pin (says "I love cats; it's people I can't stand").  That so fits me.  LOL  Day 8 was a kit of kitty ornaments to stitch (I LOVE IT).  Thank you Glenda!!!

The 2nd pic is of days 9 - 12.  On day 9, I got these soft and comfy pair of socks.  They came at just the right time, since it's been cold here lately and they keep my feet warm & toasty.  Thread Heaven was in the day 10 package (which I will definitely put to good use),  day 11 was a small "Think Spring" kit with handmade button (similar to the Hobb Nobb doodles for leftovers kits & I LOVE IT).  On day 12, I received a tin of 12 coasters with bizarre (but real) words on them.  Cracked me up.  Thanks again, Glenda.

This 3rd pic is of days 13 - 16.  Day 13 was a hilarious air freshener for my car in the shape of a cat butt (just tooooooo funny).  Day 14 was a small stocking filled with a herbal foot creme and pumice stone, which I'm really looking forward to using.  Day 15 was craft fabric with cat faces on it (I LOVE IT) and day 16 was a package of cat themed chipboard stickers (I LOVE IT).  Glenda has sure picked out the best gifts for me.  I'm loving everything!!!  Thank you so very much, Glenda!!!

As for my stitching, I recently finished 2 small charity squares for Q4OC.  The beach theme is a design from the July 2004 Crazy For Cross Stitch magazine.  The transportation design is from Issue 142 of The World of Cross Stitching magazine.


Also made these ornaments.  Jingle All The Way is a Helga Mandl design & I use the reindeer fabric for the back.  Itty Bitty Christmas Tree is a SanMan Original (for SanManville members only).  There will be 3 others to go with this and will make into a cube.  The Vinnie Reindeer is a Just Cross Stitch design & I made this for a group exchange (used light blue felt on the backside).

I'll put pics of the Christmas cards I stitched in my next post.  I'm sure blogger won't cooperate to let me add more pics in this post and don't want to over-do the pictures for all of you reading this.  Finally, I want to thank yall so very much for visiting my blog.  I also love the comments you leave for me.  So, am heading off to bed now.  Bye yall!


Carolyn NC said...

Great exchange gifts and I love your ornaments!

Mylene said...

Nice exchange gifts received and your ornaments looks all great. Love them all.

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes, Barb. You did a great job.

The Advent gifts are really great. So YOU!

glenda said...

Wow, I did give you some great stuff! LMAO :)

I am so glad you are enjoying the gifts I picked for you. I am loving the "zoom zoom zoom" car. Is that you in there? hehe