Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final alphabet square finished

I've finished the final alphabet square for Q4OC - the letter H. Now I'm working on an OakHaven Designs Goodnight Halloween piece for myself.
Scroll down to the bottom of my blog to find out what color and what flower I am. It also will link you to the sites for you to take your own quizzes and find out what color & flower you are. Hope you enjoy!
Before I sign off, I want to leave yall with one last thought - GO JIMMIE JOHNSON!!! He's on his way to winning his 4th consecutive Nascar championship and become the 1st driver to every accomplish that. For all you non-Jimmie your heart out! ROFLOL Sorry, just couldn't resist. ;)
Have a nice day everyone!


CindyMae said...

Wonderful job on the alphabet square!! It looks great!

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely work!

glenda said...

Congrats on finishing the charity squares, and good for you stitching something for yourself!

As far as Jimmie...whatever!! LOL

Meari said...

Cute square!

Mylene said...

Great job on all the squares, Barb!

~dani~ said...

STJ was here! Hope you win! Thanks OODLES for your support!

Barb's Mindless "Meanderings" said...

Love the alphabet, Barb. As for your choice of drivers.... well... at least you got the car OWNER right. Just the wrong NUMBER.... Go Jeff!
Barb in Syracuse