Saturday, October 24, 2009

Final alphabet square finished

I've finished the final alphabet square for Q4OC - the letter H. Now I'm working on an OakHaven Designs Goodnight Halloween piece for myself.
Scroll down to the bottom of my blog to find out what color and what flower I am. It also will link you to the sites for you to take your own quizzes and find out what color & flower you are. Hope you enjoy!
Before I sign off, I want to leave yall with one last thought - GO JIMMIE JOHNSON!!! He's on his way to winning his 4th consecutive Nascar championship and become the 1st driver to every accomplish that. For all you non-Jimmie your heart out! ROFLOL Sorry, just couldn't resist. ;)
Have a nice day everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giveawy, Birthday & Stitching Updates

Warning - There are LOTS of pics in this post.

For all you Halloween lovers, here's a Halloween giveaway you'll really want to win.  It's at the wonderful blog of Zinia's.  She is Russian, but has a translator link on her blog, so you can translate into your language.  Check it out.  Hearty Craft  I so want to win this stunning box she has stitched.  I'm sure you'll agree how lovely it is.

I just received my birthday gift from my DD and I'm in heaven.  This is a Laurel Burch Feline Family Overnighter Bag and it's HUGE.  I'll be using it for my cross stitch and as an overnight bag IF I ever go anywhere overnight.  lol  Since it's much larger than I thought it would be my wonderful DD told me to pick out another one (purse size) for Christmas.  Laurel Burch has so many wonderful cat designs to choose from.  You can check them out here Colorful Critters. I think my DD is really happy to see me come up with something I want OTHER than cross stitch stash.  lol  I never tire of the stash, but I suppose it can get boring for those purchasing gifts for me.

I finally got my pics uploaded on my camera of my birthday (Sept 13th) floss I received from CSE members.  I LOVE it all.

Got 2 more charity alphabet squares finished for Q4OC and I'm working on my final one now (letter H).

I have managed to stitch a couple of Halloween things for group exchanges.  The first ornament is a SanMan Original (Pumpcats) I made for the CSE group Halloween exchange. 
The next ornament I stitched was for a SanManville HalloFall Exchange.  It's the San Man Original "Boo To You" and is in a SMO tuck.

Guess I'll sign off now.  Thanks for visiting and thanks more for any comments you leave.  I love to hear from yall.

Monday, October 12, 2009

More charity squares completed

I finished four alphabet squares for Q4OC. These are being donated to Binkies SD.
I'm now stitching some Halloween ornaments for 2 group exchanges I'm in. Won't be able to post pics of them until after they are received by the people they are going to. Not much else to write about for now. Thanks for visiting.