Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stitching & pics of primoriginals received

Just finished this SanMan Original.  It was a free design for only those receiving their newsletter.  I stitched this on a piece of aida that I received in an aida grab bag purchase from 123 Stitch.  I did some DMC floss color changes so it would match up better to the colors of the tuck.  The tuck was made by Elaine in the CSE yahoo group.  I'm not sure if I'll leave the design in the tuck since I messed up and didn't leave a large enough border around the design to prevent it from sliding around.  I may just put this design in my stitching scrapbook and stitch another piece to put in the tuck.
Now, as promised in an earlier post, here's the pics of the primoriginal gieveaway that I received.  I just absolutely love, love, love them all.  The earrings are called Girls with Cats & there is a princess, fairy & a normal girl.  The print is called Fairies With Red Wings. 
Besides the giveaways, I also ordered the 2 kitty miniature sculptures.  Believe me, they are just too cute for words. The largest kitty is about the size of a quarter.  My cat, Shadow loved the smell of them, so I had to quickly put them out of his reach.  LOL
Did yall see the Nascar race on Sunday?  Most of the race was kinda boring, but the finish was terrific.  Loved seeing Jimmie Johnson race Mark Martin to the finish line & then become the first driver to win back-to-back races at Indy.  Also am happy to see Jimmie's clean shaven face again.  I personally think he's too good looking to hide his looks behind a beard.  ;D
Well, that's all for now.  Thanks to yall for visiting & reading my blog.  Feel free to leave comments.  I really love hearing from yall.  Bye now.


Kathy said...

I like that little SanMan piece. And I think it looks great in the tuck.
Wow, those are some really lovely things you got from PRIMORIGINALS. Love the little cat figurines.

Cindy F. said...

Your snowman stitch is just too cute!
Adorable in the tuck pillow:)

Great giveaway you won! The earrings are so fun! and the cat sculptures are awesome!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the SanMan piece - Love your giveaway pieces - the print and earrings are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your snowman looks great in the tuck, Barb! I watched part of the Nascar race, but missed the finish.
I think Jimmie is cute enough that he looks good with or without the beard. Personally, I kind of liked the beard. :-)

Debbie - CSE

Liz said...

Soooo sweet of you to post my artwork on your blog (now yours!).

Thanks a bunch and so happy you love it!


glenda said...

Your snowman looks great in Elaine's tuck!
Your prizes are awesome, congrats on being a winner :)