Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new BAP

I've got a stitching update to post. Just finished part 1 of the Papillon Creations SAL "Castles in the Air." It's a 2 year BAP (big a** project) and I'm excited about taking part in it. I'm stitching on 14ct white aida and using the following DMC threads: 702, 703, 907, 552, 554, 893, 744, 718, 155, 603, 722, & Light Effects E130. Additionally, the design calls for DMC 807, 3765, 3766, 610, 3046, 3045, 310, 9072, & White. The white didn't show up too well on the white fabric, so I used DMC variegated 4160. You can find information about this SAL here Prior to stitching on the Castles project, I finished the June square for the OakHaven Designs SAL and now move on to the July. On the non-stitching news, I signed up for Twitter today to help CNN reach a million followers before Ashton Kurtcher does. Not sure about it, but thought I'd give it a try. You can find a link to twitter in the right hand column under my profile - if you're interested or even just curious. Edit: I really didn't care for twitter, so have removed my account there.
That's all for now. Better get some sleep before the morning sunlight comes up. LOL Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I'm behind on the blog reading again, so don't think I've forgotten to check out all your blogs.
In stitches,

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finished my stitcher's challenge squares

I finished stitching all 6 of my stitcher's challenge squares.  I've already posted the first 3 (golfer, garden, windmill) in a previous post, so here's the last three.  The first pic is for the dog theme category.  It's a design from one of the UK stitching mags (don't know which one at the moment).  The second pic is for the cat theme category and the design is a complimentary chart from Purrfect Spots by Nan Baker entitled Casey, Josh & Friends (I added the words to the design).  And the third pic is for the Mountain category and it's a Prairie Schooler Log Cabin design.
In June, there will be 6 more categories for the stitcher's challenge.  They will be due at the end of 2009.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they will be.
I've got 2 more charity squares I've signed up to stitch - both are angel cats from the 2003 Vermillion Stitchery Angel Cats & Puppies series.  I'm planning to stitch the June & October designs.
And I've signed up for a new SAL from Papillon Creations.  This is a BIG project that will take 2 years to finish and is called Castles in the Air.  I've got my fabric & floss ready and plan to start on it today while watching the Nascar race.
I finally tried dying two pieces of 14 ct aida.  The first is with Kool-Aide and the second is with Welch's grape juice.  I bought some Rit Dye to try out some other colors.
I've been going through all my charts to de-stash and so far have a stack approximately 14 inches high.  Many of these are complimentary charts I've collected over the past years which I know I'll never stitch.  I plan to give most of them away at the SanManville message board during the month of September (when I'm hosting the monthly twinkle games).  Some of the leaflets I will scan & post pics online to trade or PIF.
That's all for today.  Shadow is bugging me to feed him some canned cat food.  You'd think the poor cat was starving.  LOL  He's always got dry food out, but he sure does love the canned stuff I give him every morning.  Thanks for visiting and I appreciate all your comments.
Have a beautiful day,