Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Today is Friday the 13th and I just realized it's been nearly one month since my last post.  I guess it's only appropriate for me to post on this day that I consider lucky for me.  I love the number 13, probably because I was born on the 13th of Sept. 
In fact, I won something today - a door prize from Spooky Time Jingles.  I won a Mr. Carrot ornament made by Marie Patterson.  It is so cute, which I'm sure ya'll will agree. 

I've also got some stitching updates to post.  I finished the May square for the OakHaven Designs SAL and now move on to the June square.

And I finished 3 charity squares for the Q4OC stitcher's challenge.  I will be stitching a total of 12 squares (6 the first half of the year & 6 more the second half of the year).  Squares are being donated to the seniors group to use in making lap quilts.  I did a windmill for the buildings category, a golfer for the sports category, and a garden scene for the gardens category.
I have 3 more squares to stitch for this first part of the challenge - categories of mountains, dog, and cat.  Already have my charts chosen for them.
In addition to stitching, I've been doing some stash organizing.  I bought a this 7 drawer cart for holding my stash and have it partially filled already.  Also picked up another bookshelf to get more organized with my books. 
Well, that's it for now.  I'm so behind on my blog reading.  My google reader has nearly 200 new posts for me to read, so I promise ya'll I'll be getting to ya soon.  Sorry for taking so long.
Thanks for visiting my blog and know that I truly do appreciate every comment you leave for me.


Cindy F. said...

Girl, I'm behind on blog reading too:)
The carrot is too cute! How fun!
Love your quilt squares and what a wonderful idea to have catergories for the quilts!
"May" is very pretty. Love the colors:)
Your rolling organizer is awesome!! I have some in different sizes for my scrapping stuff.

CJ said...

Barb -

Looks like you have been a busy bee. GThe quilt squared are great, will you get a picture of the completed quilt for us to see? Love the "May" project.

Happy organizing.


Wendy said...

The carrot ornament is just so cute!
Looks like you did a lot of stitching! Congrats on your finish.
That drawer seems to be very handy. I put everything in a box, but in this drawer you can put even some more stash. That is a great idea!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Love the carrot. The stitching is awesome.

For my organizing of my stitching/craft stash I use 5 of these exact drawers. (3 of them stitching stash) LOL

CindyMae said...

Mr Carrot is too cute! I love all your squares! They all look wonderful! I also love the storage. I want one like that as well!

Terry said...

Love all your finishes!

Sonda in OR said...

Those squares all look great! I'm behind on my stitching for Q4OC. I need to step it up.

Mylene said...

All square finishes looks great. Congrats!!

Lisa said...

Glad to have you back. I have missed reading and see your finished pieces. I love all of your charity squares. And the carrot is adorable!
Take care!
Lisa in CA

Pike said...

Great charity stiching - and a great drawer!!!

hey, where do you have your wishlist now? I saw the addy in your signature, but I'm not able to see it...

Barb said...

The charity sqares are so cute. I gave you an award you can pick it up on my blog.

glenda said...

Hey girl! I was born on Friday the 13th - is that another thing or did we know about that? LOL

Love the squares. You always do such wonderful charity work.

Meari said...

Only 200 blog posts to read? LOL, I usually have 800 or more. What's with these chatty people anyway?! ;-)

Good luck with your organizing. That looks like one monsterous cart for stashing!

Your finishes look great -- really like the windmill. :)

Marie Patterson said...

Just surfing around the internet and found this blog post you did. THANK YOU for getting my name out there....every little bit helps and I appreciate it!!

THANKS again!