Thursday, January 15, 2009

1st Finish for 2009

Here's my 1st finish for 2009.  It's a charity square for Q4OC to be used in a religious themed quilt.  Believe me, it was a labor of love to stitch this as I'm in a real down spot right now.  Doc has given me some new meds to help and they make me groggy until I get used to them.  As they say - this too shall pass.  ;-)

I got my order of charms from A Charming Place.  They recently had a great sale and I bought over 50 charms for about $8 (including shipping).  Don't have a pic of them yet, so will have to do that.

I found a great online site to work jigsaw puzzles and love it.  They have a new puzzle each day.  If interested, you can check it out here - JigZone.  Have also been playing my computer solitaire game that I got from here - GoodSol.

I am trying to find a good website for putting my stitching wish list pics on.  I had them at Flickr, but I no longer receive the premium service for free and now will only have limited space available in their free account.  I moved all my pics to Fotki and then found out that I've been receiving their premium service for a trial offer which is now going to be changed to their free service with very limited space available.  I already have a Webshots account, but am getting rather tired of all their advertising.  Also have a PhotoBucket account that I use for my blinkie storage and don't really care for that site overall.  If anyone has any suggestions for a good FREE site where I could put a dozen or so albums with a total of hundreds of pics, please let me know.  I may just have to bite the bullet and actually 'pay' for a premium service.  LOL 

Edit: I just found out that Snapfish allows unlimited storage for photos, so will be moving all my wish list pics there.  That will be a day long job since I want (NEED - lol) so many designs.

Well, that's it for now.  Gotta try to get something productive done today - or at least try anyway.  Thanks for reading my ramblings and have a great day!


Mylene said...

That's a great sampler, Barb. Congrats on the finish!!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful square Barb!! What a gorgeous contribution to the quilt!
Thanks for the info on Snapfish!
I'm using Photobucket and don't like it!
Have a great weekend!

Wendy said...

Very nice finish!!! It certainly will look nice in a quilt!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your 1st finish for 2009...I am sure that there will be more to come! It is beautiful and very happy looking!
Take care!

Marita said...

Congratulations on the finish.

I use Picasa for my photos because blogger automatically set me up with a Picasa account.

glenda said...

Great square! sorry to hear you are having to deal with new meds, I am right there with you! Good luck on the search for a new photo site, I will be interested in knowing what you find.

Sonda in OR said...

Love that square. I stitched one for this quilt as well. Hope your meds settle out.

Beckie Holso said...

what a lovely sampler! thanks for stopping by my blog today =)