Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of pics to share

I've gotten behind on posting pics of my CSE Advent exchange gifts from Ellen, so here goes........... 

Day 7 was a package of 14 count chamois colored aida
Day 8 was a package of 12 colored metal rings (these will be great for making floss ring tags)
Day 9 was a package of white cording (will be put to great use in making flatfolds)
Day 10 was 3 lovely colored pens
Day 11 (today) was this wonderful black cherry fragrance candle
Since I live in a rural community, there isn't always much offered from freecycle.  ;-(  However, I just got 2 bags of craft items and am thrilled with this great find.  There was some cross stitch, bias tape, glue gun sticks, 13 bottles of paint, dog & bear fabrics to sew & stuff, baby quilt (just needs edge binding), foam snowman face kits, various Easter children's projects.  I'll mail the children's projects to my grandgirl.  Here's some pics of the items.........
And now for the weather update....................we had SNOW!  Yep, it actually snowed yesterday.  Didn't have enough for it to stick to the ground, but you could see it in the air.  Tried taking pics of it, but you can barely make out the tiny snowflakes falling.  I took my cat, Shadow outside & he couldn't figure out what was falling on him.  Just was so funny to watch him get so excited about the snow.  The news showed some areas having enough snow on the ground to make snowmen, so I'm hoping we get some more.  Maybe another White Christmas like a few years ago........I can always dream.
Well, that's all for today.  Thanks for visiting and stay warm, cause Baby, it's cold outside.  LOL


Marita said...

That is fantastic stash you have scored from Freecycle.

The advent gifts you are receiving are just lovely.

Cindy F. said...

Barb, what goodies you've been receiving!
I have never heard of Freecyle until you just mentioned and I had to check it out!! WOW!! Was surprised we have a group in our town! Thanks so much Barb!

Sandra said...

Great gifts of Christmas Barb!!! That must be so much fun!

I wish we would have some freecycle around. We do give away the stuff we don't use, but there are no groups like that. You got great stuff! Enjoy.

Dawn B. said...

Great free find stash..Love the 12 day gifts too.

Becca in MD said...

Love those floss rings! Yea for you on stash finds!

glenda said...

You are getting some great gifts!

congrats on the snow, I can just see shadow trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

Grats on the freecycle goodies, too

Meari said...

Nice stuff you got from Freecycle. :)

The Advent gifties are great too!