Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, as 2008 comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to visit my blog and for leaving comments for me. I truly do appreciate it! I wish ya'll a very Happy New Year and to use the new year slogan from Sandy @ SanManville - all will be "fine in 2009." I really like that phrase and have much hope for a better year.
I plan to bring in the new year by watching TV and stitching. Don't have any stitching updates to show, but do want to leave you with a couple of wonderful pictures to enjoy!
Let 2009 be Jimmie's 4-peat year!!!
Happy New Year ya'll!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you're all keeping warm and enjoying the day.  I'm plugging through and sure hoping for some sunlight to come out again instead of this gloomy overcast weather we keep having.  Very difficult to get through these type of days for me - I really need some sunlight!!!  Okay, that's enough whimpering for now.  ;-d 

My final gift in the CSE Advent Calendar exchange are 2 wonderful kits (an Alma Lynne Dolly Mama kit and a Margaret Sherry "The Hen Night" kit).  I am so thrilled with everything I received from Ellen in this exchange.  Thank you very much.
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

Day 23 of the Advent Exchange, I opened this cute planner book, which will really come in handy for keeping track of my stitching projects next year. 
It is now 1:26am on Dec 24th, so I'm going to open the day 24 gift.  I got a cool brass bookmark kit.  It comes with a violet monogram chart.

Today's mail brought a prize I won from Lauren at SanManville's 12 days of Christmas event.  She designed a bookmark chart and included a piece of fabric, Vikki Clayton hand dyed silk threads and a piece of sticky back foam for finishing.  She also sent a small glittery sticky back foam tree with some ornaments, which I plan to use for making an ATC (artist trading card).  Time to call it a day and get some sleep.  Thanks for visiting and come again.  ;-D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New gifts for Advent Exchange

On day 20 of Advent, Ellen sent to me a package of red cording.  I'm seeing more flatfold finishing in the future.  ;-)
On day 21 of Advent, Ellen sent to me 3 packages of Christmas stickers.  I love using these on mailing envelopes.
On day 22 of Advent, Ellen sent to me this really neat green towel with an Aida band to cross stitch.

Well, time to call it a day and finally get to bed.  Thanks for visiting and all the comments left for me.  I appreciate all the feedback I receive from everyone.  Have a great week. 
Goodnight ya'll zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, December 19, 2008

In Memory of Caylee

On day 19 of Advent, I opened this package of buttons in many colors.  I love buttons and can never have too many of them.  They always remind me of my grandma and how I used to play with her huge tin of buttons.  I so miss her - even after all these years she's been gone (since 1967).

Well, now I want to post something very sad.  They announced today that the skeletal remains found in Florida are those of 3 year old Caylee Anthony.  I pray that she is now safely in God's care and no longer in any pain.  Perhaps she has met my grandma and is being rocked by her.  I am very saddened by this story and in memory of beautiful little Caylee - here's a picture of her.  God Bless Her!
Thank you for visiting.  Barb

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Well, still no stitching to post about.  I just keep spending all my time on the computer and watching TV.  I can't seem to get past this stitching slump I'm in. 
On Advent day 16, I opened this package of recipe cards, on day 17, I opened this cute snowman ornament kit, and on day 18, I opened this package of white rick rack.  Thank you Ellen.
Here's pics of my CSE Nascar game winnings.  First, all the DMC floss I won during the year for race wins by Jimmie Johnson.  Then, here's the end of the year gifts sent by Glenda & Elaine.  Wow, sure didn't expect anything else after winning so much during the year.  Elaine made the tuck pillow and Glenda sent a neat notepad, some tea, and JIMMIE JOHNSON STICKERS (WOO HOO)!!!  I think you can tell that I love them.  Thanks for a great year and all the prizes, ladies!  I'm looking forward to 2009!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments you leave.  I do value everyone's comments.  Have a great day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gifts & Stitching

On Advent day 13, I opened this photo frame.  Looks like it would be great for a winter cross stitch item rather than a photo.

On Advent day 14, I opened this cute little stocking ornament.

On Advent day 15, I opened this adorable tiny tree cross stitch kit.  The kit has absolutely everything in it to finish (2 pieces fabric, stuffing, thread, beads, & star button.  I'm really looking forward to stitching this.  

Now for a stitching update.  I've been working on my OakHaven Design Mystery SAL, but after getting quite a bit done - I found I had miscounted by 1 square.  So I had to frog just about everything I had stitched the past couple of days.  GRRRRRRRRR - wish the frog would go somewhere else for awhile.  So I didn't even bother to take a pic.  Why, when I really didn't make any progress on it.  ;-(  Okay, that's it for today.  Thanks for visiting and hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Update

On the 12th day of Advent, I opened this magnetic shopping list pad with 2 extra magnets. 
Now that the recipient has received it, I can post a pic of the ornament I made for Sandy & Tracy at SanMan Originals.  They are such generous people and do so many wonderful things for members of their message board all year, so this is just a small token of my appreciation to them. 

And here's pics of the 2nd flatfold I made for a Christmas exchange at SanManville.  
Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of pics to share

I've gotten behind on posting pics of my CSE Advent exchange gifts from Ellen, so here goes........... 

Day 7 was a package of 14 count chamois colored aida
Day 8 was a package of 12 colored metal rings (these will be great for making floss ring tags)
Day 9 was a package of white cording (will be put to great use in making flatfolds)
Day 10 was 3 lovely colored pens
Day 11 (today) was this wonderful black cherry fragrance candle
Since I live in a rural community, there isn't always much offered from freecycle.  ;-(  However, I just got 2 bags of craft items and am thrilled with this great find.  There was some cross stitch, bias tape, glue gun sticks, 13 bottles of paint, dog & bear fabrics to sew & stuff, baby quilt (just needs edge binding), foam snowman face kits, various Easter children's projects.  I'll mail the children's projects to my grandgirl.  Here's some pics of the items.........
And now for the weather update....................we had SNOW!  Yep, it actually snowed yesterday.  Didn't have enough for it to stick to the ground, but you could see it in the air.  Tried taking pics of it, but you can barely make out the tiny snowflakes falling.  I took my cat, Shadow outside & he couldn't figure out what was falling on him.  Just was so funny to watch him get so excited about the snow.  The news showed some areas having enough snow on the ground to make snowmen, so I'm hoping we get some more.  Maybe another White Christmas like a few years ago........I can always dream.
Well, that's all for today.  Thanks for visiting and stay warm, cause Baby, it's cold outside.  LOL

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Advent Exchange Update

Day 4 Advent Exchange gifts were 2 bottles of Calgon (take me away) body mist sprays.  They smell heavenly.  The blue bottle is a morning glory scent (says - instant refreshment) and the green bottle is a strawberry green apple fragrance (says - get juiced).

The day 5 Advent Exchange gift was a magnetic "to do" note pad.  This will certainly come in handy.

Day 6 was this cute Christmas potholder that has an aida band across the top to stitch on.  Now to decide on a design I'd like to stitch for it.  Thanks so much Ellen for all the wonderful Advent Exchange gifts.  This is my favorite exchange during the year.
As for a stitching update, I finished an ornament and my 2nd flatfold.  I have to wait until they arrive at the recepients' homes before I can post pictures of them.
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Days 2 & 3 of Advent Calendar Exchange

I opened a beautiful journal today.  It has 60 pages and each page has the lovely flowers on it that you see on the cover.  Thank you Ellen; I love it!

Day 3 was a hand towel with this adorable snow couple on it.  I've got it hanging in my kitchen already.  It's beginning to look alot like Christmas everywhere I go!  ;-)

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Day 1 of Advent Calendar Exchange

Today began the fun of opening a present every day through Christmas. This exchange is through the CSE yahoo group and I'm so excited to take part in it again. I received all these presents inside this wonderful tote bag from Ellen.
The day 1 gifts were a set of size 26 tapestry needles, package of Mill Hill beads, skein of Weeks Dye Works Santa Claus floss and a skein of Sampler Threads mistletoe floss - all inside a cute oval box with teddie bears on top. I love everything!!! ;-)

I'm unable to post pics of my 3 recent stitching projects because they are all gifts. But I will post tomorrow for my day 2 Advent Calendar Exchange opening. Thanks for visiting and have a nice day. Barb