Monday, October 27, 2008

My Monday News

I came across a neat giveaway on another blog.  It's her 1st giveaway, so check it out here: Jo-Jo.

I finished the Snow Poem Tree by Erynne Chard.  Love this design and it was a fun (& fast) SAL at SanManville.  I'm going to use Meari's method of finishing, since I like how hers turned out so much.
I had an appointment today with my eye doctor and was very pleased with myself for showing up nearly a half hour early.  Then I was told that the doctor wasn't in today and there was no appointment listed for me.  I even had the card with the date & time written on it that I'd been given when the appointment was made.  However, she did find I had an appointment for tomorrow at the same time.  When I received my reminder letter, I never looked at the date on it and sure's for tomorrow.  Don't know why they didn't state the appointment date had been changed, but I suppose I could have actually read the letter.  LOL 
Oh, well all was not lost.  I went and did my early voting.  Yeah, me, I VOTED!!!!!  Hope all of you do the same.  It doesn't matter who you vote for, just as long as you vote!!!!!
Well, it's nearly time for Dancing With The Stars, so better get my stitching ready to go.  I need to catch up on my SanMan Hip To Be Square SAL.  Also need to stitch a Christmas ornament for a group exchange. 
Happy Day to ya'll!


Jo-Jo said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

Meari said...

Looking forward to seeing your tree finished, Barb. Love the intials the base. Erynne came out with those after I had mine already finished. Maybe next time I'll use those. :)

Annie said...

The stitching looks great! I like Meari's finishing method also. I plan to use it on some holiday ornaments.

CJ said...

Barb -

I love the tree. Thanks for the link to the giveaway.


Mylene said...

It's beautiful!! I am sure it will look great when finish.

glenda said...

Looks fabulous!

i voted via mail last week ;)

sorry about the dr appt. i really hate it when something like that happens.

Kim said...


I love this design and you did an awesome job on it. Sorry about the appt..I hate when that stuff happens.


Erynne said...

Barbara, your Snow Poem Tree is just so lovely.

Thank you for sharing,