Thursday, August 21, 2008

More stash arrived

WOO HOO!!! My magazine arrived! I ordered the premier Halloween issue of the Just Cross Stitch magazine and I LOVE IT!!!!! They have the most adorable ornaments in it that I will be stitching.
I also won some Lizzie Kate charts on ebay that are in the mail right now. I got the spring, summer, & autumn samplers, meow flip it block, and Jan - Sept of the flip it blocks. I've got a bid on the Oct flip it block, so just will need the Nov & Dec (and also the winter sampler). Well, time to stitch! Thanks for stopping by.


shutterbug said...

You sound as excited as I was when mine came in the mail. I didn't know they were doing a Halloween issue now! :o)
I have a message for you on my blog. Please check it out. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Connie B said...

Oh I'm green!! I can't wait to get mine!! Enjoy!

Dawn B. said...

OHHHH LUcky You..I'm still waiting on mine.

Meari said...

Great stash, Barb. Enjoy all your goodies!

lenna said...

Barb ~ I am enjoying viewing your blog. What an inspiration! I called today and am having a Halloween issue sent to me as soon as they get some more.
I commend you for doing your BOink on black. It will be so striking when it is done.
I am also 60 years old and live in Waco, Tx. I share your love of cats and have one tabby, Knee-Hi and one old Siamese, Jade. So I am always looking for cute cat things of which you have many. I also am very fond of Tired Teddy ~ I just love his face.
Keep up the good work.
On each corner of my BOink I am doing a different cat face. Fleabag my first Siamese, Gizmo my goofy Siamese, both I had to put to sleep. One of Jade and one of Knee-Hi.
I will return to your blog often and get more inspiration and just enjoy your choice of music.
God Bless ~

elenamac said...

a friend from SamanVille send to me an extra copy and i'm so so happy to have this wonderful issue!! Already stitching a chart for the halloween's exchange on SM Board!