Sunday, May 25, 2008

X = X-Stitch

This is my recent finish - the X = X-Stitch alphabet girl by Jeremiah Junction. It's for Q4OC. I'm now working on a square of Hello Kitty for Q4OC.

I'm trying to get going on the MANY SAL projects I've got lined up to do. Just finished putting together my floss & fabric for the Book of Ink Circles SAL. Now just need to get stitching.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. Mine is quiet - just as I like it. Today was TV racing day - first the Indy 500 and then Nascar. Spent lots of time on the computer, but didn't get any stitching done. Think I'll do a little as soon as I finish this message.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A new finish

I'm thrilled to have my computer back again. Had to have the hard drive and motherboard replaced, so I've basically got a brand new computer. I did lose some cross stitch charts and pictures that I hadn't gotten around to backing up onto CDs yet. Oh well, live and learn. As my DS told me, I have enough charts for a dozen people, so I won't be hurting. LOL
Doc - Snow White Dwarf for Q4OC - May 2008
I finished a charity square for Q4OC. It's of the Dwarf - Doc from Snow White. This will be used in a Disney themed quilt. I really liked how it turned out, but have to admit that all the large sections of one color got kinda boring to stitch. ;D

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Checking In

I've been having computer problems and have had to use the library computers for more than a week now. I'll be doing this for yet another week. My computer is being fixed, but will take more time. It crashed 3 times at the repair shop, so now a new motherboard is going to be installed. The upside of all this is that by the time this is all done, I'll end up with practically a new computer. The downside is the cost - $310. OUCH!!! Well, at least I can pay on installments, so that will certainly help out. I've been busy stitching and catching up on my Bride's Tree Ornaments SAL. I just finished 3 - rabbit, flower basket & heart. I've taken pics of them, but won't be able to post until I can upload to my computer. So for now, I'll just keep on stitching and watching all my favorite TV shows - Dancing With The Stars (go Kristi), Moonlight (Mick is soooo cute), Brothers & Sisters (love those Walkers), Hell's Kitchen (good riddance to Matt), Survivor (go Amanda), all the Law & Orders, all the CSIs. I certainly enoy my stitching & TV addictions. Hopefully, my next post will be from my personal computer and with some pics of stitching finishes. Ta ta for now. ;D