Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Gift Exchange

I am participating in an Advent Gift Exchange in one of my yahoo groups and am having such fun. I will "borrow" an idea of one of the members by telling you about it in song.
On the first day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a Wooly Zipper kit by Bent Creek. On the second day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a tall mug and 4 chocolate dipped biscotis. Of course, Shadow had to inspect them.
On the third day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a package of 5 dragonfly beads and a package of 3 cat lover charms. On the fourth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a set of Almond Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a heart shaped candle. On the fifth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 5 packets of flavored hot cocoa (mint, french vanilla, raspberry, chocolate supreme & butterscotch).
I'll post again after a few more days of opening my gifts.


Mylene said...

That sure is a great idea. I joined from the U.K but then we started opening the 12th of dec. Haven't receive mine yet though and haven't heard if my package had arrive which was sent a while back.

shutterbug said...

I have those little cat charms! Aren't they cute? I have the little pink cat one on my cell phone. I have a few extra hangers to attach to the phone so if you want one, just email me your address to
and I'll pop one in the mail.
Hugs, Elaine

glenda said...

Thanks for sharing your goodies, Barb. I love to see what everyone gets :) I am going to start putting pics of mine up!!

Meari said...

Ohh, more wonderful gifties. :D