Monday, December 31, 2007

Farewell to 2007

This is my final 2007 post. It's been a good stitching year and I'm thrilled with all the projects I've been able to complete. I stitched 54 squares for charity quilts, 1 crocheted hat for cancer patient, 9 stitched gifts for family & friends, and 3 personal projects. I'm happy with all I was able to finish this year. I received many lovely gifts this year from family and friends which has increased my stitching stash by quite a bit. Loved the Advent exchange I in which I participated in one of my Yahoo groups. So much fun to open a package every day during the 25 days of Advent. Above is the Erica Michaels Sampler Book that I will be stitching as a SAL with Greg & Glenda beginning in January. Our goal is to complete at least one page per month. I will also begin working on The Big Zipper by Bent Creek that I received from my daughter for Christmas. This is the Cowgirl by My Mark Designs that I will be stitching for my grandgirl's 4th birthday in February. Have many other projects in store to stitch for 2008 - SAL in wXSw Yahoo group (to get some of my WIP & UFO projects completed), 2 Mystery SALs (Pamela Kellogg & wXSw Yahoo group), and many charity squares. It looks like a busy stitching year for 2008 - just the kind of year I will thoroughly enjoy! Thanks to each of you for reading my blog and leaving comments for me - I am thrilled to read all of your messages. Thank You so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert

Tonight was the Trans-Siberian_Orchestra concert at the Houston Toyota Center with Mark & Lisa (my son and daughter-in-law). It was an awesome 2 1/2 hours. Mark took these photos with my camera and he did a great job. Our seats were in the upper balcony, but it was still a good view of the stage.
The lasers, lights, and fire were amazing to watch.
A Christmas Eve story was told through narration, beautiful music and a light show timed to the music. And after the story was over, they played more fantastic music. We even got a special treat (just for the Houston concert) at the end of the evening. The rock legend, Paul_Rodgers, came out and sang a couple of songs (ending with his hit "All Right Now"). Thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007 Gifts

I just love all the gifts I received from my family and stitching friends. My daughter gave me a book of Cross Stitch charts I've been wanting along with a couple of UK Cross Stitch magazines (which are always a welcome gift) in addition to the entire The Big Zipper project by Bent Creek (shown in an earlier blog post). My grandgirl made me some great smelling soap.My buddy, Greg sent me this package of goodies - a DMC color guide (I've been wanting one of these), kitty cross stitch kit, nutcracker, snowflake ornament, M&Ms, chocolate chip cookie, pen that lights when you write with it (Shadow loves this so have to keep it hidden from him) & even included a catnip mouse for Shadow from his 2 Yorkie dogs. Glenda sent me some post-it notes (I can always use these), candle, shower gel, couple containers of lotion, tubes of lip balms, emery board and a butterfly needlepoint kit (that she wants us to do as a SAL in 2008).
My friend, Jeneen, sent me this great Christmas kitty towel (I love it) and package of 5 precut 13x13" squares of 14ct Aida (size used for most of the charity squares I stitch).
Thank you so very much to everyone. I love all the gifts I've received and am grateful for all the generosity of everyone. This has been such a fun Christmas. I love you all!!!!!

Advent Gift Exchange - part 5

On the 21st day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a small white tote bag filled with 16 skeins of DMC floss (cotton, variegated, linen and light effects). Such beautiful thread colors and they will definitely be used!!!
On the 22nd day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a package of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (they were soooooooooooo good).
On the 23rd day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me ten assorted buttons to add to my stash collection. Now to find what project to use them for..... On the 24th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a hazelnut creme candle (it smells so yummy). On the final day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a 'Flowers Bloom' cross stitch kit, 'My Friend' chart and Stitchy Kitty's 'The Cat Did It' & 'I Love My Cat' chart. 2008 will bring such stitching fun!This Advent exchange has been such fun and I love all the wonderful gifts Cynthia got for me. Thank you so much to her and to Chatty Stitching Exchangers group for doing the exchange. I have been so very spoiled by all the goodies!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Advent Gift Exchange - part 4

On the 16th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 4 pieces of 14ct Aida. On the 17th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 2 coasters to stitch.
On the 18th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 2 small ornament kits. On the 19th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 2 poinsettia kitchen towels. On the 20th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a tube of hand cream and a pocket pillow ornament.Now only 5 more days until Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas 2007 stitching

Here's pics of the 2 Christmas gifts I stitched for my grandgirl, Katie.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advent Gift Exchange - part 3

On the 11th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a white towel with Aida bank and a white bookmark. Now what do I want to stitch on them?
On the 12th day of Christmas, Cynthia gave to me a square tin with 3 Cinnabon flavored tubes of lip balm (now to just use them on my lips and refrain from eating them - lol).
On the 13th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares - yummy.
On the 14th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me International Flavors French Vanilla coffee. On the 15th day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a package of gold plated John James size 24 petite needles (my favorite) and 3 small beads.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Gift Exchange - part 2

Here are the next 5 days of Advent gifts I received in the CSE Advent Exchange. On the sixth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me two holiday pins.

On the seventh day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a black cherry fragrance candle.

On the eighth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me ten various shaped buttons.

On the ninth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a green frog sponge and shower gel.On the tenth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me packages of garden and word charms.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

My 2007 Christmas Tree

I just had to post this picture of my tree. It's just so adorable, don't ya'll agree? :-)I actually had my 2 foot tree decorated and in this spot until Shadow decided it was his personal toy. So after he knocked it over, I promptly dumped it into a plastic bin and put in my closet. I still haven't gotten it back out since then, but Shadow has gladly volunteered to take its place for the time being.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Gift Exchange

I am participating in an Advent Gift Exchange in one of my yahoo groups and am having such fun. I will "borrow" an idea of one of the members by telling you about it in song.
On the first day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a Wooly Zipper kit by Bent Creek. On the second day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a tall mug and 4 chocolate dipped biscotis. Of course, Shadow had to inspect them.
On the third day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a package of 5 dragonfly beads and a package of 3 cat lover charms. On the fourth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me a set of Almond Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a heart shaped candle. On the fifth day of Advent, Cynthia gave to me 5 packets of flavored hot cocoa (mint, french vanilla, raspberry, chocolate supreme & butterscotch).
I'll post again after a few more days of opening my gifts.

Birthday Gift

I recently finished this wall hanging for a friend's birthday gift. It was a Dimensions kit.