Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Butterfly Completed

Here's my finished "Zboing" Butterfly square for WOCS. I used the DMC light effects threads on the curly wing designs, but the picture doesn't really show up how sparkly the threads turn out. This design is from the battybat collection of freebie butterflies at this link.

Cattitudes Wall Hanging

My Cattitudes are finally hanging on my bedroom wall in this gorgeous wall hanging Kim quilted for me. I had stitched the 12 cattitudes in 2004 & 2005, but never got around to finishing them in any way. Upon learning that they were laying in a dresser drawer waiting for finishing, Kim generously offered to put them together for me into a wall hanging. I received the final masterpiece from her in January. It's so nice to see them finally finished and hanging on the wall. I will be forever grateful to Kim for her beautiful work.

Personality Bears

These personality bears were stitched for Q4OC to be donated to Binky MT. They are just so adorable and I really enjoyed stitching them. The patterns are from the book "101 Bears With Personality" by Leisure Arts. I'm hoping to stitch more of these cuties in the future.

Two Doll Couples Completed

Here's the 2 squares I've recently finished for the Q4OC group. They will be going to Love Quilts in Brazil. The country names have been stitched in Portugese. The first couple is from Ireland (Escocia) and the second couple is from Germany (Alemanha).