Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

This has been such a wonderful Christmas this year with many surprise blessings. I received a wonderful box of goodies from 3 online friends (I won't give their names in case they would prefer to remain anonymous to the general public). They sent me cross stitch floss, lots of aida, many stitching magazines and as if that weren't already enough - they stitched a large lap quilt for me. I was in awe and tears when I opened it. It is simply beautiful and I am enjoying it while I stitch during this chilly time of year (yes, it does get chilly down here in south Texas). I think you can all agree that the quilt is simply awesome!!!!!
I had planned on having a quiet Christmas Eve alone, but when I went to church in the morning, I was invited for a late afternoon dinner at the home of some friends. After dinner, I attended candlelight service at church. The day turned out to be full of warmth and sharing.
I truly have so much to be grateful for and look forward to the upcoming year with anticipation of much charity stitching for which I have planned to stitch. My goal is to stitch a minimum of 50 squares during the year. That shouldn't be too much to expect, since I was able to stitch 45 this year in addition to a completing a large wedding gift for my son & DIL and the America sampler for myself. And I didn't begin doing the charity stitching until in March.
The charity stitching has filled me with such joy to know that what I am doing is going to help bring smiles to someone who is going through a very difficult time in their life. I've been given this talent of being able to stitch, so I feel it's only right that I use it to share with others.

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Meari said...

How thoughtful of your stitchy friends! The quilt is beautiful.