Monday, October 02, 2006

Nostalgia Time

I'm going to borrow a post from another blogger to write about here, which is sure going to age me. LOL "What are some of the things you remember growing up (candy, fashion, electronics, etc.)?" When I was growing up, things were so very different. We played outside all the time doing activities such as hopscotch, jumprope, marbles, hide & seek, red rover, & riding our bikes. We made forts out of various types of materials. There was only 3 TV stations (NBC, CBS & ABC). The programs I remember watching were Gunsmoke, Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, wrestling, Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger, Howdy Doody, & the Mickey Mouse Club. We didn't sit in front of the TV for hours on end - too much fun outside to stay indoors. On rainy days, we'd play board games or use blankets to cover the furniture to make indoor forts. There were no computers or stereos. We had only AM radio for all the music stations and had hi fi's (stereo wasn't yet heard of) for listening to our 45s or record albums. High school typing classes were using manual typewritters and it was a goal to type at least 60 words a minute on them. The class only had 1 electric machine that someone got to use only if they were already fast on the manual.

We went to the movie theater on Saturday mornings to watch great movies like 'The Blob' & 'The Mummy'. There was always a cartoon along with the main showing. It cost 25 cents for the movie & a big box of popcorn was 15 cents. There was no such thing as movies on TV. The VCR and DVD players hadn't yet been invented, so either you went to the theater or you didn't watch movies. And of course, there was the drive-in movies. You could pack up big bags of homemade popcorn to take along. I still miss the drive-in movies.

My family didn't have a telephone, but most everyone else did. Phone number exchanges were letters (like WE5-5555). The WE stood for a name (like Westmore) and there were different names all over the country. Also had party lines and private lines were just beginning. Imagine 'sharing' your most personal secrets over the phone with your friend and having MANY other people being able to listen in to your conversation. LOL I always loved going to my grandma's and listening in on her party line phone - until I got caught and had to hang up. LOL Girls were not allowed to wear pants to school - only dresses and skirts. And they had to 'at least' touch the knee or we'd be sent home to change. And of course, we had those awful blue jumpsuits for gym class that we all hated. Ratted (teased) hair was the fad and we slept in big brush rollers. Oh, did they hurt and I'll never understand how I could have slept in those things! Our family ate dinner 'together' every night to meals my mom cooked on a stove. There were no microwaves yet. There were also no fast food places. In fact our area got its very first McDonalds when I was in junior high. The burgers were 15 cents and fries 10 cents. We'd walk over from school at lunch time and buy some fries - IF we had any money, which most of the time we didn't. Going to the store and buying 'penny' candy was a real treat. Yes, we really did have penny candy. Wax lips, twix sticks, sugar ice cream cones, mary janes, & little boxes of pumpkin seeds were just some that I remember. Lots of sugar but not much chocolate. Halloween was like candy payday and it was so much fun. But my mom would take all the candy and let us only have a little at a time. Now I know why I didn't have any cavities as a child. :-) So much has changed over the years. Some good and some not so good, but it's always fun to think back and remember the good times. Just cannot imagine how I survived without my computer and blogging. LOLOLOLOL


Stitcher said...

Nice to read about your past Barb.

Meari said...

Haha - Love that cartoon! It was fun reading about what it was like when you were growing up.