Monday, October 23, 2006

Dark Movies Game at M&M website

Just finished playing a game at the M&M Dark Chocolate website It was so much fun to come up with the names of scary movies that were being depicted in the scene. There were a few tough ones and I needed to get some help from a google search for names of scary movies and also from yahoo answers, but I finally got all 50 of the movies. Here's the list but you'll have to find out where they belong in the scene. If you want to play the game without having the answers in advance, please don't read any further. The list of 50 movie names follows: . . . . . 1. Clockwork Orange 2. Dead Zone 3. Pitch Black 4. 39 Steps 5. The Mummy 6. Twin Peaks 7. War of the Worlds 8. Rear Window 9. Eraser Head 10. The Crow 11. Beetle Juice 12. Dark Water 13. Butterfly Effect 14. The Village 15. The Howling 16. 21 Monkeys 17. The Blade 18. Jaws 19. Signs 20. 6th Sense 21. Scream 22. Children of the Corn 23. The Omen 24. Silence of the Lambs 25. The Grudge 26. The Lost Boys 27. The Fly 28. The Wicker Man 29. Halloween 30. Leprechaun 31. Friday the 13th 32. Seven 33. Nightmare on Elm Street 34. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 35. The Invisible Man 36. The Ring 37. Psycho 38. The Shining 39. The Birds 40. Rosemary's Baby 41. The Hills Have Eyes 42. Pumpkinhead 43. Saw 44. Child's Play 45. House of Wax 46. Candyman 47. The Creature From the Black Lagoon 48. Alien 49. Piranha 50. Blue Velvet How many of these movies have you seen? Must admit that I haven't seen most of them, since I'm not really into scary movies. But it was fun to play the game.


Anonymous said...

Barb, that was fun. Thanks for sharing the link! I got all 50 but i had to refer to your list of movies to do it. As for how many of the 50 I have seen, that would be 29. Scary!

Danielle said...

Yay! Someone who has all the answers I couldn't figure out! I am not a scary movie fan, either, but this game was really fun to play. The ones I couldn't get were really bugging me, but thanks to you, I can sleep well tonight! :) Take care!