Saturday, August 19, 2006

Problems come in threes

It's always said that bad things happen in threes. I was kinda hoping that wouldn't be the case after having 2 problems with my computer. But it has happened - the starter on my car has given out. I knew it was going to happen because the starter has been acting up, but I kept hoping it would not give out for awhile yet. I'm happy that nothing is wrong with my computer, but sure didn't want to have to come up with money for another repair of some type. The positive side to this is that now I've had three things go wrong, so I should be safe for awhile. Note the key word here is "SHOULD." Such is life! LOL


Janice said...

Barb, So sorry to hear about your car trouble! Hugs, Janice

Meari said...

Hopefully, that'll be the 3rd and last, for a while - like you say!