Sunday, July 30, 2006

When it rains, it pours

Finally got my computer running again after getting a new power supply put in it. Didn't have it long before I began having lots of trouble connecting online. Called the service provider a couple times. First they said there was line problems in my area and to wait a few hours to try again. It actually took me nearly 10 hours before I was able to go online. Then a few days later, they told me my splitter was bad and to replace it, which I did. That only helped for a short time. I moved my computer from my bedroom phone jack to my living room, but still had no luck. It got so I was unable to connect at all, so they told me to replace the modem. Just to make certain it was the modem, I borrowed my neighbor's modem (which is the same as mine) and I got online with no problem. So had to replace the modem yesterday. Now I'm back and it's working fantastic. I just hope all keeps working smoothly for quite sometime now. Am trying to keep my stress level at low for a little while now. LOL Hope to get a stitching project picture posted here soon. I've recently finished a few charity squares that I'd like to share.

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Carol said...

I'm glad you finally have your computer up and running again! My problem lately is finding time to get online!