Thursday, June 22, 2006

The wonderful world of high tech

Well, just wanted to write a few words about my latest adventure. My computer went down earlier this week, so I'm now relegated to the library computers. Oh, such fun and excitement. You would think that spending $1,000 for a Dell computer would at least offer me 5 or so years of computing security. But, no, after only a couple years, it won't start. Perhaps, it's my power supply that went out, but I'll have to have someone check it all out to determine the cause of why it just won't start. I am at least thankful that the library offers free computer use or I'd really be in a mess. It's amazing how lost I feel without my world-wide access from the comfort of my home. LOL Now I'll just have to put on the TV and be satisfied with the slim offerings of entertainment that is offered there. :-( Well, best be getting off the computer. I've been here for about an hour and a half and need to get home and back to my stitching. I still have two Disney squares to finish by July 1st for a charity quilt and I'm not getting it stitched by spending all my time here on the computer. More later. :-)


Meari said...
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Meari said...

I bought a custom Dell desktop. Exactly 13 months after getting my computer, the power supply went out. Many who bought the same model has had the same experience -- the PS going out right after the warranty expired. After being on hold for over an hour, customer service was a joke. They *offered* to send me a new PS for $29. It was the same wattage as the one that went out, which was not big enough. I bought one that had a LOT more wattage for $40 and installed it myself. I realize it's not something everyone can do. I found instructions online and prayed I could do it! LOL It wasn't easy, but I figured out it. No problems since. Knock on wood. I hope you can get yours fixed inexpensively.