Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday at the Library

I'm still using the library computers, so cannot add any pics to my message. :-( I'm busy as ever trying to finish up stitching the 2 Disney charity squares. These have proved to be very challenging since I've had to frog so many times, I'm beginning to talk like one........ripit, ripit, ripit. LOL In fact, I got so annoyed at having to frog, that I finally just pulled out a new piece of material and began over again. I'm sure cutting it close to the wire to meet the July 1st deadline. But I'm continuing to stitch away and think positive. I do know that I probably will never choose the current patterns (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet & Eeyore) to stitch again. LOL As for the computer, I've got a few phone numbers to call on Monday for repair prices. Wish me luck everyone and pray that I can afford the cost. It's not too far from the first of the month, which means payday. So at least that's a positive. My daughter celebrated her 39th birthday on Friday and she's my baby. LOL My son will be 41 next month. UGH...............I'm getting old. I heard a commercial where the lady said she's not old.....she's just lived a very long time. I like that way of thinking about age. LOL Well, best be closing and going home to get back to my turbo needle. Sure wish it "really" was a turbo needle, since I need to do this stitching as quickly as possible & WITHOUT MISTAKES. :-) That's the key word, isn't it?!? LOL

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Gramma said...

Hi Barbara,
I think we chatted last summer, when I worried about Hurricane Rita hitting Houston. I'm off to Houston next weekend to visit the grands and their parents. July in Houston...a dream come true. :-D Congratulations on adding links to your blog. When I tried it, I lost the few links DD had entered for me. Oh, I was going to suggest you might check out the Geek Squad. If it exists in your area, they are supposed to be fairly reasonably priced and come to you to do computer repairs.