Friday, June 09, 2006

Morning message

Thought I'd write a little since I've been awake since 5am. Since I usually stay up most of the night and sleep most if not all of the morning, that's really unusual for me. LOL Hope to get the stitched "Pledge of Allegiance" square for charity finished today and then move on to the next square I've got due for July 1st. I ended up with many squares due by July 1st, so am rushing for time. I don't plan to make this same mistake again. After July, I have one square due each month through November and that is much more manageable. I finally finished the "Fly Fishing" piece (pic above) and all the fractional stitches were a nightmare. I'm amazed that a designer would actually design a piece for 14 count aida and put in so many fractional stitches (each of the 70 rows had from 1 to 10 fractionals in it). I do like how it finally turned out, but wouldn't want to repeat the experience.

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