Monday, September 12, 2005

Crazy Cattitude Finished

I completed this Crazy Cattitude cross stitch and just love how he turned out. He really does look kinda crazy, doesn't he? LOL Now, only one more to go and then I'll have all 12 finished so I can put together a quilt. My recent stitching has also been my monthly Christmas ornament exchange and a wedding sampler for a friend. Now that the fall is here, I have to begin thinking about Christmas gifts. That will take some thought about what to stitch for each person. Of course, I always try to come up with the "perfect" gift. I must stop putting myself through all this extra stress. That's it for now. I'll get working on the Curious Cattitude.

1 comment:

Man said...

That is adorable. Best one yet, although "Cautious" is also nice.